How to wash your swimwear

Date Posted:17 July 2016 

To prolong the life of your new maternity swimwear always be sure to follow the care instructions on the manufacturer’s label. You can also use our top tips;

  • Always rinse your suit in COLD clean water. Hand wash, inside out with a mild liquid detergent. Do not soak or use bleach.

  • Do not machine wash (even in a mesh bag). The agitation and spinning is too harsh for your swimsuit, and may cause the suit to become misshapen, or the delicate fabric to pill and stretch.

  • Gently squeeze - don't wring - the water out of the fabric. Lay your suit flat to dry, out of direct sunlight. This will help eliminate wrinkles and folds. UV exposure will fade colours. Never use a dryer.

  • Never iron your swimsuit. Only fold and store the suit when it’s completely dry.

  • Be careful where you sit whilst wearing your swimsuit, rough surfaces could catch causing wear and tear. 

  • Avoid excessive chlorine and use in spas. The combination of heat and chemicals will deteriorate your swimwear.

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