Top 5: Black Swimsuits

Date Posted:18 May 2016 

Black swimsuits are timeless and always on trend.

A one-piece swimsuit provides you with great coverage for any stretchmarks or scars and we've all heard the old adage black is slimming. This still rings true even when styling a baby-bump. Black helps to trick your eye as it is harder to see shadows from lumps or bumps on a darker colour, a very welcome optical illusion!

A black swimsuit is a wadrobe staple and to help you find your perfect look we've rounded up our top 5 styles. There is something for everyone!

  1. Sporty ​- Hayman by Zoggs

  2. Nursing ​- Squash by Cake Maternity

  3. Luxe - Montego Bay by Pez D'Or 

  4. Classic ​- Naos by Cache Coeur

  5. Busty​ - Rongui by Anita

Sporty Hayman Swimsuit from Zoggs   Squash Swimsuit by Cake MaternityLuxe Montego Bay by Pez D'OrClassic Naos Swimsuit by Cahce CoeurBusty Rongui by Anita






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